Rory Michael Heaney

I am a Web Developer specializing in responsive website development. Through stacking and adjusting vital information, I makes sure that mobile viewers see the most important information on the website and in a timely manner. Doing so keeps the mobile user engaged and returning to our clients’ responsive websites.

I’ve personally built over 300 websites in my career thus far as a Website Developer, and have worked in Proprietary CMSs and WordPress. I also understands various programming languages, including CSS, CSS3, HTML, HTML5, JavaScript, jQeury, and PHP. I attended Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and Orange Coast College.

If I could, I would work in complete darkness with only my computer monitor to illuminate the office. Otherwise, I plan to invent a soundproof, impenetrable bubble surrounding only my workspace. (Don’t be intimidated. I’m just very dedicated to my job.) I’d like to think I’m the unofficial winner of the “I work the craziest hours” contest. I like red meat.

FancySquares contains a series of sites I have developed with companies over the past few years (CIE Digital Labs, CC&A Strategic Media, GigaSavvy, Project M+, Stick In Your Head, Yo!Dog Marketing, Blazonco and James Publishing).  Click on them to view their site in a new tab.  Enjoy!

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